Herceg Novi Film Festival by Djordje Zivaljevic

Client: DAA Montenegro

Lustica Bay 2019 campaign BTS by Djordje Zivaljevic

Here are some images from last (3rd) day of photo shoot for new campaign.

Cerovo by Djordje Zivaljevic

Client: DAA Montenegro

Their description of the project:
“Cerovo" company is recognized for the wholesale of different construction materials and is one of the top 3 companies in Montenegro in this commercial segment. During 2017. they have introduced a different set of products - a total opposite from the current ones and updated their offer with “Cer Style” - a premium brand by Cerovo. Selling ceramics, bathroom products, and accessories, from prominent brands and designers was a difficult task at the moment since brand perception has moved only slightly from its current construction state.
As all of the products were mostly used for interior design, we have decided that a specific target audience has to be attracted in order to push sales: architects, interior designers, photographers, boutique hotel owners and other people that prefer to own valuable and authentic things in their living or working space.
In order to do this, we have presented a selected portion of products but in an unconventional way - as a piece of art, giving them a new aura, especially with the photo treatment. Also, taking into consideration that art galleries are places where the targeted audience gathers oftenly, we have organized an event (exhibition) showcasing all of the selected products as exhibits, campaign photographs and a short documentary movie with prominent architects, photographers, and designers, talking about the perception of design in Montenegro. The main idea was to emphasize the value and beauty in the design of the products, especially taking into account the fact that those products are always left behind apart its regular everyday use. The title for the exhibition was derived from this idea and soon it became the slogan of the campaign: Don’t touch art. Use it

Creative director Nikola Bâda Radonjic
Art director Helena Tošić,
Copywriter Jelena Todorović
Project lead Anja Sekulić
Photographer Đorđe Živaljević
Animator Matija Brajović

Folklore Fashion by Djordje Zivaljevic

Here is promo video of my latest exhibition and several photos from that night . 

All photos: Danilo Novovic

11th year by Djordje Zivaljevic

This morning my sister Tijana, reminded me that on this day, last year, we have celebrating 10 years of doing photography. Today is 11th year, and 8th year of freelancing.  Huge experience. 


Keep shooting.


Work for free by Djordje Zivaljevic

Working for free. It is so common issue, among photographers, should you charge every work.  You should not charge work that can give you good exposure, full control over results, that you will get images important for your portfolio, and all other different beneficiary things that goes with that imaginary job.

But recently, I did one small job, that didn't fit into any of those categories but, I decided to do it for free. It was about model polaroids. Client insisted to pay but I insisted that it's on me.

One month after it, the model has lost some weight and agency told her that she need new polaroids. Guess what? She didn't come to me. I received a message with content like "I know that you won't charge me , as you didn't last time, so we called another photographer , because we want to pay. " 

I believe that it is not necessary to write my attitude now. You can conclude by your own. 


Before After by Djordje Zivaljevic

For both shots I was using Nikon D800 with Sigma 150 mm Macro lens. Broncolor Move1200L pack with two heads. On one was Para 88 as key light (no focusing bar). Behind model was 150 cm Octabox as background.

Importance of website by Djordje Zivaljevic

Hey all. I haven't been writing anything for a long time. Summer, laziness and other lies :) But, few nights before, I decided to change layout of my website so I can see more photos in the same time. Something as a grid. It blew my mind . Why? Let me tell you...

In a day to day basis, we, photographers, or probably any creative sort of people, tend to lost them self. You forget who you are in your creative manner, what have you all done, etc. With change of my website layout I found out that lifestyle photos are number 1 in my portfolio. I thought maybe fashion or beauty. Best thing I can see them all next to each other, compare them, and see some errors, and my style more clearly.

At the end it gave me pure view where I am as photographer and where I want to be. I found a path! Awesome, isn't it!?

by Djordje Zivaljevic

After purchasing Broncolor lights last year, I really wanted to concetrate more on sports in my photography. As an ex basketball player and being still active in the gym, I really appreciate the spirit of sports and the commitment that comes along.

As a pretty small country, Montenegro will have a lot of sportist who will participate at the next Olympic Games in Rio. Supported by the Olimpic Comitee of Montenegro, I decided to do some portraits and action shots.

Here is just one BTS photo with a tennis player. All other photos and behind the scene video will be published soon.

And here is short BTS video.

photo: Danilo Novovic

photo: Danilo Novovic

Months by Djordje Zivaljevic

Only one month has passed from my last blog post, but I feel it like it was several. A lot of things has changed. As soon as spring has came, energy and business activity has risen. It's good. It is really good except one thing. Maybe I have lost my course. 

I realised that in times with low "reactive" activity - where you respond to other requests you start to sharpen your mind. So, try to be more active than reactive. Guide yourself, guide your life. Big picture - daily goals. It's terribly hard. It's must.

Something about social media by Djordje Zivaljevic

Are you on a Facebook, do you have a page there? Oh, you don't tweet? What about Instagram? What's your last post, etc. We are all there, but why? I started strongly to believe that we are afraid of real connection, of real talk, of a real thing to do. Liking something, commenting something is good, but real things are happening behind the scene. They are happening on the street, during a walk, looking at the eyes, talking during the night, in the caffe, in the bed.

If you want to do something meaningful, if you want to make something new, just think for a second: how much time have you spent on social networks instead of doing what is hard, instead doing what's important? Scrolling down won't get you anywhere, liking something wont' make you feel better of yourself. You can fool yourself that being present there will make you feel important. You are there, and there's a party. You are entertaining yourself, that's all. You are not important.

Use it wise. Don't fool around. 

Uncertainty by Djordje Zivaljevic

Creative folks are special ones. We bring out our work with faith and fear in the same time. We love our work but we are afraid of it. Uncertainty is absolutely normal. But, in this digital age, we are constantly making one mistake:  we feel that we need just one more info, just one more photo to look at , just one more thing to be inspired with. We are afraid of mistake. But guess what? Creativity is born there. Is born in the place where you are afraid to go, because you think you are not creative enough.

So, question is what to do? Just stop giving yourself new data. Stop to arrouse your senses more. You don't need so much of that. Just stop, embrace digital silence and go. Go. Don't stop. Make a mistake. Go and do something with desire to fail.

You know what? Voila, you did it! You succeed it!

Just go.