Uncertainty / by Djordje Zivaljevic

Creative folks are special ones. We bring out our work with faith and fear in the same time. We love our work but we are afraid of it. Uncertainty is absolutely normal. But, in this digital age, we are constantly making one mistake:  we feel that we need just one more info, just one more photo to look at , just one more thing to be inspired with. We are afraid of mistake. But guess what? Creativity is born there. Is born in the place where you are afraid to go, because you think you are not creative enough.

So, question is what to do? Just stop giving yourself new data. Stop to arrouse your senses more. You don't need so much of that. Just stop, embrace digital silence and go. Go. Don't stop. Make a mistake. Go and do something with desire to fail.

You know what? Voila, you did it! You succeed it!

Just go.