Something about social media / by Djordje Zivaljevic

Are you on a Facebook, do you have a page there? Oh, you don't tweet? What about Instagram? What's your last post, etc. We are all there, but why? I started strongly to believe that we are afraid of real connection, of real talk, of a real thing to do. Liking something, commenting something is good, but real things are happening behind the scene. They are happening on the street, during a walk, looking at the eyes, talking during the night, in the caffe, in the bed.

If you want to do something meaningful, if you want to make something new, just think for a second: how much time have you spent on social networks instead of doing what is hard, instead doing what's important? Scrolling down won't get you anywhere, liking something wont' make you feel better of yourself. You can fool yourself that being present there will make you feel important. You are there, and there's a party. You are entertaining yourself, that's all. You are not important.

Use it wise. Don't fool around.