Importance of website / by Djordje Zivaljevic

Hey all. I haven't been writing anything for a long time. Summer, laziness and other lies :) But, few nights before, I decided to change layout of my website so I can see more photos in the same time. Something as a grid. It blew my mind . Why? Let me tell you...

In a day to day basis, we, photographers, or probably any creative sort of people, tend to lost them self. You forget who you are in your creative manner, what have you all done, etc. With change of my website layout I found out that lifestyle photos are number 1 in my portfolio. I thought maybe fashion or beauty. Best thing I can see them all next to each other, compare them, and see some errors, and my style more clearly.

At the end it gave me pure view where I am as photographer and where I want to be. I found a path! Awesome, isn't it!?