Before 2016 comes... by Djordje Zivaljevic

Nope, it will not be motivational, emotional or post full of insta life quotes. I will be short. Because it's about me. If you know me, than it may be about you, too.

Except most important thing, good health, keep in mind:  abandon your " if - than " behavioural pattern. Don't wait for permission of others, but permit to yourself. Just do it. When? Now.

Good luck. Head up. You brave one.



Client is always right. Is it? by Djordje Zivaljevic

How many times have you heard this sentence? Thousand, minimum. When I was at economy studies, this was very often mentioned, especially on the marketing lectures. I believed in it. I worked on it for years. I was doing my best to please every client. Even when they complain, you have to find a way not to confront. 

After 10 years of doing photography, 7 as freelancer I learned something valuable - client  is not always right. Can you imagine pleasing every possible client? Can you imagine how hard it is? So what's your mission? To please every client, or to please your inner appetite? If you are led by clients, it is so possible that you will not reach anywhere. But you will be everywhere. 

On small markets that has some sense, because you can not diversify. But, take a look at your portfolio, photos that you are proud of and compare it to the photos that you actually made during one year. Do they fit together? What is ratio? Do you have a feeling that you are working a lot, but very very often you are unable to put those images in your portfolio? I had that feeling.

So, you are not improving in inner sense. You may be working a lot, but that doesn't seems that quality or vision is there. You are someone else, you are your client. 

And what happens when you don't have new clients at one point? Because it will happen for sure. You will not know what to do. You will not know where to go. You will not know who are you. Why? It's simple - clients where do ones who told you what you have to do, where you have to go, and who are you, everything according to their needs. You are them.

Be brave. Stop. Think. Analyze. Ask for help. And take another direction. It's not easy. It's required to do if you want to stand out. You are not for everybody, and everybody is not for you. Make connection, but honest ones, based on true vision and estetic. 

10 years behind. by Djordje Zivaljevic


It is first 10 years anniversary of any kind in my life. It proves that photography is the only thing that lasted that long. I would not go into the reasons why, but definitely it was an amazing journey.  If anybody has told me on start that it will take so much and give so much I wouldn't believe them.

Ten years is absolute place to clear some dust, rejuvenate some old habits and restart that inspiration with new attitude. It has changed me, and it will in future. We grow together, and we push each other. We discover ourselves to each other and to others. It is like living in a circle. As you go deeper into photography, you go deeper into yourself and when something new emerge, it's part of new you. Repeat.

I can never switch off. Not creating it's like being spring under tension - waiting to release that impulse. That is driving force and evil in one package.

I'm carrying on, with new ideas, new efforts, and with same belief from the beginning - I can do it.