It is absolutely impossible to do photos without proper music. Sometimes it is jazz, sometimes it is something weird music, but anyhow music is there.

Today we are shooting some closeup beauty shoots. I will be using Nikon D800, Sigma 150 2.8 for macro /closeup work. And of course my trusty absolutely loving Broncolor gear!

BTS Folklor Fashion

When I think about summer, I have this shooting in my mind. Something that was boiling in my mind for more than three years. Finally I got needed equipment to shoot it. Here are some behind the scene photos using stunning Bronolor gear. Man, I adore this gear!

10 years behind.


It is first 10 years anniversary of any kind in my life. It proves that photography is the only thing that lasted that long. I would not go into the reasons why, but definitely it was an amazing journey.  If anybody has told me on start that it will take so much and give so much I wouldn't believe them.

Ten years is absolute place to clear some dust, rejuvenate some old habits and restart that inspiration with new attitude. It has changed me, and it will in future. We grow together, and we push each other. We discover ourselves to each other and to others. It is like living in a circle. As you go deeper into photography, you go deeper into yourself and when something new emerge, it's part of new you. Repeat.

I can never switch off. Not creating it's like being spring under tension - waiting to release that impulse. That is driving force and evil in one package.

I'm carrying on, with new ideas, new efforts, and with same belief from the beginning - I can do it.


Lustica Bay Campaign , BTS

Here are some BTS shot from summer campaign for Lustica Bay in Montenegro. 
Photo by Dado Ljaljevic

Photo Shoot in Dubai

Hi guys,

I right now in Dubai. It's my first fully international photoshoot. I am very excited and the weather is just perfect. I will update blog with some BTS photos and videos. I will be working with Nikon D800, Nikkor 14-24, Sigma 24 1.4 ART, Nikkor 50 1.8 , Sigma 150 2.8 macro, Broncolor Move1200L, Lastolate 2x2 frame with stands, etc...